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DK Lao Trading Sole Co., g , Ltd. (DK Lao)

Unit 24, Kampaengmeuang Rd Nong Hai Village Hatsayfong District Vientiane Capital


DK Lao Trading Sole Co. Ltd is NOW HIRING !!! 

We are searching for fully qualified individual to handle an exciting position of AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE MANAGER!


Job Title:                                          Service Manager

Department:                                     Aftersales

Reporting to:                                     Aftersales Manager / Director of Operations

Key Role

  • To handle a Service Department with multiple brands and products carried by the Company i.e. Automobiles, Heavy Equipment and other Industrial Equipment.
  • To set a good example to the subordinates by following the standard service procedure designed by the company. The Service Manager teaches the staff to obey rules and regulations of the company in order to deliver the best quality of service to all the clients. The primary role of the Service Manager is to generate income by selling all the available working-hours of the day (as minimum) and manage the department operation at all times to avoid any unnecessary damage and loss of company assets. He strongly ensure the delivery of the highest level of customer service by treating the CUSTOMERS AS THE LIFE-BLOOD OF THE BUSINESS.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • In all possible ways, convert all the working hours of the day into actual labour-sales.
  • Formulate schemes and service-specials that will generate department income.
  • Constantly monitor and evaluate technicians’ performance using measurement metrics (Efficiency, Productivity and Utilization) as well as the performance of the Non-Productive staff.
  • Generate department reports as required by the immediate superior.
  • Protects the Company Assets and report to the management in case of irregularities.
  • Coordinates all the activities of the Service Department to the Aftersales Manager.
  • To generate a profitable MENU PRICING with the help and assistance of the Parts Manager.
  • To ensure that the equipment, garage and storage facilities within the department are clean and maintained to the highest level of quality and prevent operational-delays in repairing vehicles/units.
  • Ensure service personnel works in accordance to organization’s policies and other applicable laws.
  • To address complaints and resolve problems raised by customers, as well as assure clients of maximum efficiency and productivity in repair and maintenance services offered.
  • Maintains positive relationships with clients to ensure repeat and return customers.
  • Approaches transactions with sales-minded professionalism and suggestively sell products and services to clients, including making clients aware of all packages and retail options available.
  • Displays extensive knowledge about products and services.
  • Communicates with technicians about vehicle statuses, and ensures that vehicles will be ready for customer on time.
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge of service department

Education and Training Requirements 

  • An automobile service manager must have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent certificate.
  • He must have at least two years of experience in the automotive industry and experience in a managerial position.
  • Should be well oriented with Customer Satisfaction Delivery

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

  • Able to produce basic reports in Excel, Word and other Office document related reports.
  • Must have good communication skills in English Language, both written and oral.
  • Must have average knowledge on spare parts business.
  • Must be able to analyse and come up with solutions when repairing and maintaining vehicles.
  • Should have excellent managerial and supervisory skills to handle the entire Service Department.

Plus-Point Skills and Qualifications

  • Previous Experience in Vehicle Service Department.
  • Knowledge of Vehicle Parts and Services.
  • Computer Skills, including email functionalities.
  • Customer-Facing Skills.
  • Strong Communication Skills.
  • Management, Sales Experience.
  • Enthusiastic Attitude.
  • Self-Motivated.

*Broad and comprehensive detailed of the Job Description and Roles to be discuss during the interview.

All relevant trainings will be provided to the successful candidate by an Expert Manager with years of experience in Automotive and Industrial Equipment Business focusing on delivering the highest level of Customer Service!  

For apply please send your CV to business_development@dklaotrading.com  

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  • Post Date 10 September 2019
  • Prefered Language English
  • Job Level Manager
  • Job Function Admin-Secretary / Personal Assistant
  • Job Location Vientiane Capital
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DK Lao Trading Sole Co., g , Ltd. (DK Lao)

DK Lao Trading Sole Co., g , Ltd. (DK Lao)

Unit 24, Kampaengmeuang Rd Nong Hai Village Hatsayfong District Vientiane Capital

Contact Name : N/A
Email : info.dklaotrading.com;business_development@dklaotrading.com
Telephone : +856 21 480 248

DK Lao Trading Sole Co., g , Ltd. (DK Lao) is one of the most prominent and the quickest growing trading company in Lao P.D.R, established in 2010.

Distinguished for its dynamic growth, prosperity and stability, DK Lao has been supplying light and heavy machinery, forklift, automotive goods and services solutions to Mining , industrial companies, Governmental offices, Non-Governmental Organizations, Businesses, and Retail clients all around the country.

DK Lao offers a full range of services, covering product distribution and nationwide after-sales support, rental service and operating lease facilities through the team of experts with many years of experience and accumulated expertise and knowledge

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