Assistant F&B Manager

Ock Pop Tok

Phayalaungmueng 07 Phonheung Village LuangPrabang District Luang Prabang


Job Opportunity

Position : Assistant F&B Manager


You are in charge of Cafe and Kitchen teams for 2 restaurants.

You implement constant training and improvement checks for the F&B Department (service, consistency, presentation, etc…)

You have great management and communication skills, and have at least 2 years experience in a similar position.

You speak good English to communicate with international customers.

You like to chat with foreign people and tell them about Lao Food and

its tradition. You can work full time and be flexible.

You are reliable and loyal.


  • We pay fair salary and commission.
  • We give you on and off job training.
  • We issue well respected job certificates after a good time of employment.


Ock Pop Tok is a Laos based social enterprise working primarily in the field

of textiles, handicrafts and design.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Call : 212597 or 253615 or send email to quentin@ockpoptok.com

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  • Post Date 19 June 2018
  • Prefered Language English
  • Job Level Middle
  • Job Industry OTHERS
  • Job Function Others
  • Job Location Luang Prabang
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Ock Pop Tok

Ock Pop Tok

Phayalaungmueng 07 Phonheung Village LuangPrabang District Luang Prabang

Contact Name : N/A
Email : quentin@ockpoptok.com
Telephone : 071 212597 ; 071 253615

Founded in 2000 by Englishwoman Joanna (Jo) Smith and Laotian Veomanee (Veo) Douangdala, Ock Pop Tok  or OPT to those ‘in the know’  has grown from a small shop selling only a few designs, to becoming one of the most important textile and artisanal institutions in all of Laos and South East Asia. Ock Pop Tok is now a team of over 78 employees. Meet the rest of the team here! 

Ock Pop Tok (meaning “East Meets West” in Lao) was founded on the principles of fair trade and sustainable business practices. The company was pioneering social business and ethical fashion before these terms were even a part of our cultural lexicon.

The partnership between these two women dates back to 1999 when Jo was on an EU funded assignment to photograph development projects in northern Laos. At that time Veo was carving out her own unique niche and making a name for herself among the Lao artisan community. Coming from a family rich with textile and artisan roots, Veo was constantly challenging old ways and methods. She was designing unique sinhs (traditional skirts) and patterns that differentiated her from her peers.

While Veo was busy trailblazing a new path for Lao textiles, Jo was becoming increasingly enamoured with the intricate weavings and the women who produced them. Veo’s creativity attracted Jo like a magnet as she was looking for like-minded artists with whom to collaborate. They had a shared commitment to preserving and promoting these textiles and a similar creative energy. Seizing the opportunity when Veo asked Jo if she wanted to work together on a permanent basis, the answer was “Of course I bloody do!”

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