Civil Engineers to support on WASH activities

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Civil Engineers to support on WASH activities

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Contract type: Consultancy contract

SNV Laos seeks two Civil Engineers to support on WASH activities of the ENUFF project (2 positions).  One position will be based in Vientiane and another position in Houaphan Province with frequent travel to ENUFF project locations.

About SNV

SNV is a not-for-profit international development organisation that applies practical knowledge to make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty. We use our extensive and long-term in-country presence to apply and adapt our top-notch expertise in agriculture, energy and WASH to local contexts. SNV has over 1250 staff in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are proud to be a not-for-profit organisation that uses project financing to implement our mission. This requires us to work efficiently and to invest in operational excellence.

In its new Strategic Plan period (2019 – 2022), SNV will more explicitly aim for structural change and scale in its programmes, as well as bringing knowledge and initiatives from different programmes together at country level to contribute to systems’ change. We will continue to position ourselves as a learning organisation striving for excellence and invest in making knowledge flow to and from the frontline. For more information on SNV, visit our website: www.snv.org

Project Background

Enhancing Nutrition of Upland Farming Families (ENUFF) is a project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. The goal of the project is to improve family and child nutrition in remote and ethnically diverse upland farming communities through improved feeding, caregiving and dietary practices, reduced incidence of WASH related diseases linked to malnutrition, improved availability and accessibility of diverse nutritious foods, and a conducive institutional framework at the sub-national level.

The second phase of the project is being implemented in two districts in Houaphan and in two districts in Oudomxay provinces from July 2020 to June 2024. ENUFF Phase I has implemented a series of interventions in nutrition sensitive agriculture and social behaviour change and communication in nutrition and WASH through District Nutrition Teams and Village Nutrition Teams.  The phase II of the project will give continuation to these interventions with higher focus on improving nutrition of women and children. Additionally, the project will give special attention in improving WASH in schools and health centres in this phase.

Objective of the position

The ENUFF project is committed to improve water schemes and sanitation status in household and community in project target villages, including Health Centres and Schools to ensure that all community members have access to safe water, improved hygiene, improve health and wellbeing of their families and the community.

In phase I of the project, ENUFF undertook assessment of the water schemes in 40 villages, rehabilitated the Gravity Fed Water System (GFWS) in 16 villages followed by training on water management in these villages. The rehabilitation of water schemes aimed to support the villagers to get access to enough water for domestic use including dry season, especially for cooking, cleaning toilet, hand washing with soap and other personal hygiene activities. Thirty-three villages have been declared Open Defecation Free in the 4 target districts of the two provinces.

In this context, SNV Laos is recruiting two civil engineers with WASH background to improve water and sanitation in the target villages with special focus on schools and health centres. One position will be based in Vientiane and one in Houaphanh Province.  The position based in Vientiane, will also be responsible for activities in Oudomxay province.

  1. Job description

The civil engineers will be responsible for survey, design and overseeing construction of the water schemes, improving access to water, improving toilet and hand washing stations and providing training on water management to the community, Health Centre and School based on the ENUFF project priorities. The civil engineers will be responsible to coordinate with Provincial and district Namsaat Offices to conduct the technical survey-design and supervise the construction.

A total of 12 months will be allocated for the contract period. The WASH activities will be conducted in Nga and Beng district of Oudomxay Province and Viengxay and Xiengkhor Distrtct of Houaphan province. The WASH activities will be rolled out in 60 target villages.

The interventions should help community members improve their water and sanitation status.

The following are the key responsibilities of the civil engineers.

  • Conduct detailed assessment of all schools and health centres to design and estimate investment to improve access to water, toilets, and handwashing stations in line with national norms.
  • Develop and coordinate sanitation improvement plan in the schools and health centres.
  • Facilitate signing of agreement of cooperation with the school, health centre, village, and district authorities to implement the improvement plan including construction of facilities.
  • Coordinate awareness raising campaign in WASH in schools and health centres.
  • Facilitate development of BOQ, procurement and transportation of material to the sites.
  • Supervise quality control of the construction/rehabilitation of gravity fed water systems, storage facilities, handwashing stations and toilets in line with (inter) national norms.
  • Provide training to teacher, health centre staff, community members on Operation & Maintenance.
  • follow up on operation and maintenance of water system and facilities.
  • Participate in team meetings.
  1. Deliverables:
  • Technical design -BOQ of water schemes in Community, Health Centre and Schools based on project objectives.
  • Technical design - BOQ of toilets and Hand Washing Stations in Health Centre and Schools.
  • Budget planning that related with WASH activities.
  • Involve for procurement and bidding for WASH construction materials.
  • Overall supervision of the construction of the water schemes, toilets, and hand washing stations.
  • Training tools / hand out related with WASH activities.
  • Training of Trainers on WASH, especially for Operation and Maintenance of water schemes, hygiene and sanitation promotion in Health Centres and Schools.
  • Coaching to Village Nutrition Team-WASH, Health Centre staff and Teachers.
  • Monitoring and follow up of WASH activities in Health centres and schools.
  • Work with ENUFF / SNV team to document and share the information Progress reports
  1. Qualification
  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from a recognized University.
  • Five years’ work experience in construction including survey, design, BOQ and supervision.
  • Experience in implementing WASH activities in community, schools, and health centers.
  • Knowledge of and experience in farmer training on water management including operation and maintenance of water schemes.
  • Demonstrable capacity to design and implements contextual interventions in improving WASH in community, schools and health centers including construction of water reserve tanks to be used in dry season.
  • Pro-active attitude and results oriented but also patient and have the ability to work well in cross-cultural teams.
  • Good English language (spoken and written).
  • Ability to write clear, effective project reports.
  • Good computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  1. Terms of Appointment
  • One position is based in Houaphanh province with frequent travel to target villages in Viengxay and Xiegkhor Districts.
  • One position is initially based in Vientiane including responsibility for the activities in Oudomxay and Houaphan provinces.
  • Each position is for one-year period with the possibility of renewal based on performance.
  1. Reporting line
  • The civil engineers will report to Provincial Coordinator, Component Leader and Project manager or delegated ENUFF staff member by the project manager.
  • The civil engineers will be the key contact person for this assignment and will be responsible for defining scope of work, agreeing upon plan of action, and checking that the deliverables are in line with the quality required by SNV.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this position, please send a letter of motivation and a copy of your CV in Microsoft Word format, along with any relevant documentation to Beunh Sayaphimphone​ by email: ​bsayaphimphone@snv.org before 20th May 2021. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence as we pride ourselves on our professional service. We will revert to you as soon as feasible when we have reviewed your application.

Should SNV wish to proceed with your application, interviews with the Selection Committee will take place. 

SNV is an equal opportunities employer and female candidates are encouraged to apply.

- We do not appreciate third-party mediation based on this advertisement -


Microsoft Office

Good English language (spoken and written).

xperience in implementing WASH activities in community, schools, and health centers.

SNV Laos

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