Accounting MANAGER

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Rue Dongpayna Saphanthong Village Sisattanak District Vientiane Capital


Main responsibilities of Accounting Manager is required to:

1. Take lead on general accounting functions, including, but not limited to: accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger and taxes.

2. Take lead on booking in system and recommend to Credit Officers and Accountant on best practice of loan contracts date.

3. Prepare, review, and analyze financial statements to ensure accuracy and completeness.

4. Supervise and/ormanage general ledger accounting functions

 5. Salary and SSO as well as tax calculation of the employees

 6. Develop staff by managing performance, setting goals, providing ongoing training, and maintaining strong employee relationships.

 7. Prepare Financial report to Bank of the Lao PDR and Tax Department.

Age 25 – 40 years old

2. Graduated Higher Diploma or Higher of Accounting and Finance.

3. At least 4 years experience on accounting and finance at bank or Microfinance Institution.

4. If he or she is familiar with MicroBanking Window or BMWIN systemis very preferable and will be special considerable.

5. Good human relations, good communications, working in team well, hardworking, proactive and high responsibility.

6. Good personality, enthusiastic, creative and love to learn newthingsto develop his/herself and organization.

7. Good computer skills especially Microsoft Words, Excel, Power Point and other programs.

8. Be able to speak, write, read and communicate in English well.

Salary: 600 – 800 USD

Tel & WhatsApp: 020 22217635

E-mail: 108job.s2@gmail.com



108 Recruit

108 Recruit

Rue Dongpayna Saphanthong Village Sisattanak District Vientiane Capital

Contact Name : N/A
Email : 108job.s2@gmail.com00
Telephone : 02022217635
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