Second Hand-Motorbike Sales and Marketing Section manager

Lao ASEAN Leasing Co.,Ltd

NNN Building 2F Phonsinuan sisattanak Vientiane Capital



Job position: Second Hand-Motorbike Sales and Marketing Section manager (Full time) with ATTRACTIVE SALARY AND BENEFITS

Function: Second Hand-motorbike Department  

Report to:  Managing Director and CEO


Company’s background:

Lao ASEAN Leasing Co.,Ltd (LALCO) is one of the fast-growing company and it is a top leasing company in the Lao PDR with full positive reputation widely in the public and our company is going to list in the Lao Security Exchange in the very near future. 

The Company’s head office is located at 2nd Floor, NNN building, Phonsinuan Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital, the Lao PDR.

The principal business operations of the Company is to provide credit line for individual and corporate customers to buy motorcycles and cars.

Currently, we are looking for energetic Sales and Marketing Section Manager- specializing in Second hand motorbike leasing to come to work with us in the Lao PDR; who has the equivalent qualification and experiences as below:



  • Bachelor degree in marketing, economics or business administration
  • Holds relevant marketing certificates, include trainings and seminars (Optional)
  • At least more than 3 years of experiences in sales and marketing, marketing campaign, strategic planning, promotions and advertisement, market survey and other related sales activities.
  • Familiar in leasing, banking or other financial services (but experience on leasing is a plus)
  • Having good communication skills especially Lao (Mandatory), English and Japanese (Advantage)
  • Being able to be flexible in different environment and work with different people from different nationality.
  • Energetic, pro-active and punctual
  • Having a good sense of responsibilities and leadership initiatives.


Job descriptions

  • Setting a strategic planning for sales and marketing for second hand bike
  • Monitoring and implementing the plan to achieve the targeted budgets
  • Improving the collection and second hand bike foreclosing procedures
  • Building cohesive team work and establishing achievable sales targets.
  • Educating and coaching young junior staff
  • Exercising Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Negotiating and dealing with complex issues related to customers unsatisfactory
  • Improving the sales over the foreclosed second hand bike
  • Submitting daily report, weekly and monthly report.


Short listed shall be contacted and please submit your CV and cover letter to:

Mr. Hongfong Chern, General Affairs Manager, Email: fongchernhong@yahoo.com  and Ms. Somseun Sokxay (Bebe), Human Resource Senior Officer bebe_sokxay@hotmail.com

Telephone: + 856 20 77517474 ; Deadline submission:  30 April 2017

Lao ASEAN Leasing Co.,Ltd

Lao ASEAN Leasing Co.,Ltd

lane , NNN Building 2F Rd., villagePhonsinuan, subdistrict, sisattanak district, Vientiane Capital.

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Email : lalco.hrd@gmail.com
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Facebook : LAO ASEAN Leasing CO.,LTD
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Lao Asean Leasing Company Limited(LALCO)ເປັນບໍລິສັດໃຫ້ບໍລິການດ້ານສິນເຊື່ອລົດຈັກ, ລົດໃຫຍ່ທີ່ນໍາໃຊ້ເງິນທຶນຈາກຍີ່ປຸ່ນ, ໃນອະນາຄົດພວກເຮົາວາງແຜນຈະເປັນບໍລິສັດທີ່ໃຫ້ບໍລິການດ້ານການເງິນຄົບວົງຈອນທີ່ຄອບຄຸມທັງບໍລິການສິນເຊື່ອສຳລັບຜູ້ບໍລິໂພກ, ສິນເຊື່ອສໍາລັບທຸລະກິດຂະໜາດນ້ອຍ. ນັບແຕ່ໄດ້ຮັບໃບອະນຸຍາດສິນເຊື່ອແລະສັ້າງຕັ້ງບໍລິສັດໃນເດືອນ ກຸມພາ ປີ2015ທີ່ຜ່ານມາ ພຽງແຕ່1ປີ4ເດືອນ ບໍລິສັດພວກເຮົາກໍຈະເລີນເຕີບໂຕຢ່າງວ່ອງໄວ, ພວກເຮົາແນ່ໃສ່ກ້າວເປັນກຸ່ມບໍລິສັດການເງິນຄົບວົງຈອນອັນດັບ 1 ໃນລາວ. ໃນອານາຄົດກໍມີແຜນການທີ່ຈົດທະບຽນທີ່ຕະຫຼາດຫຼັກຊັບລາວ.

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