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Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

Near Simeuang Temple, across Ministry of Health Si Muang Sisattanak Vientiane Capital


Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) 

Position: Associate - Geospatial Data and Technologies, Health Systems Strengthening Program – Lao PDR

Program Overview

CHAI has partnered with the Government in Lao PDR since 2014, supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH) across several health programs including Procurement and Supply Management, Malaria Elimination, HIV and TB Access, and Maternal and Child Health.

Given the importance of geography and time for assessing and monitoring the health of populations at risk, the Lao PDR Ministry of Health has initiated a process to geo-enable its health information system (HIS). The CHAI team aims to support these efforts through the implementation of a common geo-registry (CGR) tool to host and provide national programs access to standardized master lists, associated hierarchies, and other geospatial data. In addition to a technical platform, CHAI will support a broader geo-enabling framework that includes a governance structure, technical capacity, specifications, standards and SOPs, policies, resources, and use cases for the CGR. The vision is for all information systems in Lao PDR to use the same geography through time to improve the specificity and effectiveness of public health burden reduction.

Position Overview:

CHAI seeks a self-motivated individual with outstanding quantitative, analytical, and communication skills to contribute as an Associate on CHAI's cross-program Health Systems Strengthening Team to support the Ministry of Health’s efforts to geo-enable the national health information system. The Associate will play a critical role in helping the MoH Department of Planning and Cooperation strengthen readiness, implementation, and utilization of geospatial data and technologies (including the Common Geo-Registry platform) in Lao PDR. The Associate will also support the CHAI Laos team to understand and conduct geospatial data analyses for national programs.

The Associate will be based in Vientiane, Lao PDR.

Major Responsibilities

  • Serve as the CHAI focal point for CGR implementation in Lao PDR, including day-to-day collaboration with the MoH, internal CHAI teams, and partners (e.g. Health Geo-Lab Collaborative, World Health Organization)
  • Work with government staff and partners to identify, develop, document, implement, and disseminate guidelines to improve the availability, quality, and accessibility of geospatial data; this includes supporting the creation of geospatial data sharing policies across MoH departments and other ministries
  • Provide technical support across the MoH to update or complete existing master lists of health-related objectives, organize data collection exercises as needed, and build capacity in the management and use of geospatial data and technologies
  • Support implementation of CGR within the MoH information systems through technical integrations, end-to-end testing, development of SOPs, and conducting trainings
  • Lead advocacy and promote uptake of CGR and standardized geospatial information (master lists) across different ministries and departments (Malaria program, Ministry of Home Affairs, Laos Statistic Bureau, etc.)
  • Support the Ministry of Health Geospatial Data and Technologies Officer to maintain the master lists, policies, frameworks; provide on-the-job training for geospatial data management and analysis across Lao PDR
  • Support, motivate uptake, and provide technical support to CHAI teams, particularly with geospatial use case identification, management, analysis, visualization, and improving availability and quality (completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, validity, accuracy and consistency)
  • Manage and develop geospatial data resources, guidelines, and other material to provide guidance to and share lessons across CHAI teams
  • Any other tasks as requested


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in relevant field (geospatial or other information technology, epidemiology or other public health fields) with 2+ years of full-time working experience
  • Experience with general data management and attention to detail, including: cleaning, validation, storage, security, missing data handling, and visualization/mapping
  • Proficiency using GIS software (ArcGIS, QGIS, R, etc.) for spatial analysis
  • Exceptional written, oral, and interpersonal skills, including experience communicating technical concepts to non-technical users and working with remote partners
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with people of varied professional, cultural, and language backgrounds
  • Exceptional project management skills and proven ability to execute complex projects in short timeframes


  • Knowledge of common health information management systems such as DHIS2
  • Knowledge of multiple public health areas (infectious disease, health systems strengthening, emergency preparedness and response, etc.)
  • Experience managing (collection/extraction, processing, validation, cleaning, maintenance, linkage, databasing) different types of geographic data (vector and raster), including field-based and desktop geodata capture
  • Familiarity with open-source mapping platforms and applications, such as OpenStreetMap, FieldPapers, etc., and with remotely-sensed satellite data and/or related modelled surfaces, including high-resolution imagery
  • Experience with georeferencing and/or digitization of hand-drawn maps
  • Experience working and communicating with government officials and multilateral organizations
  • Experience working in an international context, including experience living or working in resource-limited settings
  • Lao or Thai language skills

Application Details

Deadline: 20 December 2019

How to apply: Candidates should submit resumes via email to CHAI.LaoPDR@gmail.com

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

Near Simeuang Temple, across Ministry of Health Si Muang Sisattanak Vientiane Capital

Contact Name : N/A
Email : CHAI.LaoPDR@gmail.com
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