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About Company

Crowne Plaza is one of the 13 well-known brands under InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the leading hotel chain in the world with 5,348 hotels in the world and 350,000 employees in nearly 100 countries. IHG is a world of opportunity for you and your career in hospitality. We are proud to be accredited as an Aon Global Best Employer. We passionately believe that it’s our people who make us what we are today, and it’s our people who will help us and our world-famous brands grow. We are living our purpose of providing True Hospitality for everyone. That means making everyone feel welcome, cared for, recognised and respected, and going the extra mile to create special guest experiences and lasting memories.

If you have that True Hospitality spirit, and share our values. If you’ve got ambition and ideas. If you want to work somewhere that appreciates you for who you are and will support you in building your own career path – then Crowne Plaza Vientiane is for you.

If you have got no hospitality experience but ready to learn, we are looking for you. At Crowne Plaza Vientiane, we are committed to the learning and development of its employees by providing a wide range of training courses and personal development opportunities. Join us to deliver True Hospitality…

Our Staff

Oudthasack Phiousila

Human Resources Officer

“In my view, the greatest thing about Crowne Plaza Vientiane is the way it allows the employees to grow efficiently, just like I did!”

Sabaidee, my name is Oudthasack Phiousila. I am now 27 years old. I have completed my bachelor degree in Business Administration at Lao-American College. I have been working at Crowne Plaza Vientiane for over a year.

I started my career here as an human resources officer who mainly takes care of all the employees in the organization, especially providing training or development course for them. I am also responsible for employment permit system, employee promotion and benefits, working contract, and policy. At first I worked here, it was of course not that easy for me to adapt to my new work flow, that I was required brilliant knowledge of psychology. This was because I had worked for corporate company before which is quite not related to the field of hospitality like Crowne Plaza Vientiane. However, with the help of my beloved teammates and department director who repeatedly provide me practical suggestion and useful training course, I got improved distinctively and became more confident to overcome such difficulties.

I would kindly thank to Crowne Plaza Vientiane for providing me opportunity to improve myself proficiently. The best proof of this would be my recent promotion that I was promoted as an Employee Service Supervisor and also rewarded for the employee of the year. Therefore, with my progress that could be found within only a year, I feel proud of myself and how Crowne Plaza Vientiane create its excellent employees.


ສະບາຍດີທຸກໆຄົນ, ຂ້ອຍຊື່ ອຸດທະສັກ ຜິວສີລາ ອາຍຸ 27 ປີ ເຊິ່ງການສຶກສາລະດັບຊັ້ນປະລິນຍາຕີໃນສາຂາບໍລິຫານທຸລະກິດ ທີ່ວິທະຍາໄລ ລາວ-ອາເມລິກາ. ແລະຕອນນີ້ ຂ້ອຍກໍ່ໄດ້ເຮັດວຽກເປັນພະນັກງານ ຢູ່ ໂຮງແຮມ ຄຣາວ ພລາຊ່າ ວຽງຈັນ ມາໄດ້ ໜຶ່ງປີປາຍແລ້ວ.

ໃນຕອນທຳອິດທີ່ເຂົ້າເຮັດວຽກຢູ່ທີ່ນີ້ຂ້ອຍໄດ້ດຳລົງຕຳແໜ່ງເປັນພະນັກງານຝ່າຍບຸກຄົນທີ່ມີໜ້າທີ່ຮັບຜິດຊອບຫຼັກໆໃນການເບິ່ງແຍງພະນັກງານທັງໝົດໃນອົງກອນ ໂດຍສະເພາະແມ່ນ ການຈັດຄອດສ໌ຝຶກອົບຮົມຕ່າງໆເພື່ອພັດທະນາບຸກຄະລາກອນໃຫ້ມີຄຸນນະພາບ, ພ້ອມກັນນັ້ນ ຂ້ອຍຍັງໄດ້ຮັບຜິດຊອບໃນ ການຈ້າງງານພະນັກງານ, ການອອກສັນຍາສັນຍາການເຮັດວຽກ,ການເລື່ອນຕຳແໜ່ງຂອງພະນັກງານ,ດູແລສະຫວັດດີການ ແລະ ນະໂຍບາຍຕ່າງໆຢູ່ພາຍໃນອົງກອນ. ເນື່ອງຈາກເຄີຍເຮັດວຽກກ່ຽວກັບບໍລິສັດ ເອກະຊົນ ທົ່ວໄປມາກ່ອນທີ່ບໍ່ກ່ຽວຂ້ອງກັບແວດວົງການບໍລິການໂຮງແຮມ, ມັນຈຶ່ງເປັນຫຍັງທີ່ຍາກ ແລະ ທ້າທາຍຫຼາຍໃນຕອນທຳອິດທີີ່ຂ້ອຍຈະປັບຕົວເຂົ້າກັບໜ້າວຽກໃໝ່ນີ້ໄດ້ ລວມໄປເຖິງ ສະພາບແວດລ້ອມ ແລະ ວັດທະນະທຳຂອງອົງກອນອີກດ້ວຍ. ເຖິງຢ່າງໃດກໍຕາມ, ດ້ວຍຄຳແນະນຳຈາກເພື່ອນຮ່ວມງານ ແລະ ຫົວໜ້າສາຍງານທີ່ຄອຍໃຫ້ຄວາມຊ່ວຍເຫຼືອໃນການພັດທະນາແລະຝຶກຝົນຫຼໍ່ຫຼອມຕົວຂ້ອຍຢ່າງບໍ່ຂາດສາຍ ຈຶ່ງເຮັດໃຫ້ຂ້ອຍສາມາດເຮັດວຽກໄດ້ຢ່າງມີປະສິດທິພາບ ແລະ ເປັນທີ່ໜ້າເພິ່ງພໍໃຈຂອງຫຼາຍໆຄົນພາຍໃນອົງກອນ.

ທັງໝົດນີ້ ຂ້ອຍຕ້ອງຂອບໃຈໂຮງແຮມ ຄຣາວ ພລາຊ່າ ວຽງຈັນ ທີ່ມອບໂອກາດດີໆໃຫ້ຂ້ອຍໄດ້ມາຢືນໃນຈຸດໆນີ້ ເພາະດ້ວຍເວລາພາຍໃນ 1 ປີທີ່ໄດ້ເຂົ້າມາເປັນສ່ວນໜຶ່ງຂອງອົງກອນ ຂ້ອຍໄດ້ຮັບການຝຶກຝົນ ແລະ ພັດທະນາໃນຫຼາຍໆດ້ານ ຈົນໄດ້ຮັບການເລື່ອນຕຳແໜ່ງມາເປັນຫົວໜ້າຝ່າຍບໍລິການພະນັກງານໃນປັດຈຸບັນ ແລະ ຍັງໄດ້ຮັບລາງວັນພະນັກງານດີເດັ່ນປະຈຳປີ 2018 ອີກດ້ວຍ!


Competitive Salary

Duty meals at the staff restaurant

Annual leave

Public holidays leave

Sick leave

Employee Room Discount in 5,200 IHG hotels around the world.

Uniform and Laundry

Private Health insurance

Social Security Insurance

Service Charge (approx. 200 USD per month)

Learning & Personal Development

Kid Daycare for employee’s children

In-house experience


Samenthai Road, Vientiane Capital Lao PDR

Website: www.crowneplaza.com

Facebook Page: Crowne Plaza Vientiane

021 908 888