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Humanity and Inclusion (HI)

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  • Mental Health refresher Training for Healthcare Providers Consultancy Announcement Mental Health refresher Training for Healthcare Providers in Houaphan ProvinceOrganization: Humanity & Inclusion Location of the Consultancy: Huaphan ProvinceDuration of Assignment: 2 weeksApplication Deadline:  06th November 2020Expected starting date: 9th November 2020 Background of the ProjectThe consultancy is required within the context of the project entitled “A comprehensive approach to reduce the impact of Unexploded Ordnance on Human Safety and Rural Livelihoods in Lao PDR” (as currently undergoing the Memorandum of Understanding process with the Lao Government). This comprehensive approach to mine action (CAMA) project has several components focused on survey and clearance of UXO-contaminated areas, community-based risk management and education and victim assistance. The activities will be conducted within 44 priority villages in the Houamuang district of Houaphan Province until March 2021.Specifically, for this consultancy;Mental health services are currently very limited within Houaphan province, with no specific staff or departments specialised in treating patients presenting mental health issues at the district or provincial hospitals. Individuals within target villages may be suffering with common mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD and may exhibit severe symptoms such as psychoses or suicidal thoughts. Currently, there are limited services available to support these individuals to access the psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs that they may require.Expectation of consultancyDesign an appropriate practical refresher mental health training course, adapted to the existing knowledge and needs of healthcare providers in Houaphan province.Deliver the refresher mental health training in Houaphan province, allowing participants to gain clinical experienceAssist in the formation of a refresher mental health network and establish referral mechanisms to ensure that individuals suffering mental health disorders in Houaphan province are identified and can access the treatment they require.Assist in the develop of mental health pathway mechanism and learning experiences from Vientiane Province conducted the referral mechanisms.Assess and evaluate the training and provide HI with a final evaluation reportFull ToR please go http://www.directoryofngos.org Consultant Qualifications The qualified candidate will have an education background and significant clinical experience in Psychology and/or Psychiatry, including the administration of psychotropic drugs. He/she must have previous experience in the development and delivery of clinical mental health training to healthcare providers and must be capable to deliver all training in Lao language. Submission of ApplicationsApplicants should submit the following to Humanity & Inclusion (HI)Cover letter and CV of the consultantDetailed proposal including work plan, methodology, budget and timeline of the proposed consultancy Submissions can be accepted by email or hand delivery to the listed addresses:By Email, please submit to:  recruitment@laos.hi.org           By Mail or Hand Delivery, please submit to:   Humanity & Inclusion Lao PDR. 51/1 Hong Kae RoadBan Sisangvone, Vientiane, Lao PDR           Additional info. contact: Ms. Khamsompong Khantivong/VA Project Manager; Email: k.khantivong@hi.org Humanity & Inclusion is an equal opportunity employer. Women and people living with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.
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Email : recruitment@laos.hi.org
Telephone : (021) 412 110
Website : http://directoryofngos.org
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