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Microfinance Association (MFA)

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  • Consultant/consultancy Law enforcement and transparency training Announcement for consultant/consultancy companyLaw enforcement and transparency training  BACKGROUND:Microfinance in Rural Areas - Access to Finance for the Poor (AFP) is a financial inclusion project commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), implemented by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) together with Bank of the Lao PDR and co-financed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Its objective is strengthening and developing the Village Bank System (VBS) in the Lao PDR with the so-called Network Support Organizations (NSO), that is small MFIs operating in rural areas and supporting the VBs in their regular activities. Since its beginning in 2009, AFP has successfully established 7 NSOs located in 6 provinces, providing financial services to over 180,000 VB members living in over 800 rural villages. To achieve its objectives, AFP is working together with the Lao Microfinance Association (LMFA) towards the provision of trainings and capacity building activities to the NSOs’ staff in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the services to Village Banks and to make the MFIs sustainable.Understanding the legal framework in which the institutions work is a key element to pursue fraud prevention and detection; in particular, enhancing the awareness about penal law and its relevant provisions by using concrete explanation about criminal offense would enable NSOS’s management and staff to confidently enforce the law. On the other hand, transparency is as much important since the NSO has the obligation to inform its village bank members in a clear and punctual way as stated in the Client Protection Principles developed by The Smart Campaign. AFP and LMFA are looking for an experienced consultant/consultancy company possibly with previous exposure to financial inclusion that can customize a law enforcement and transparency training to raise awareness on various legal aspects concerning the microfinance sector and the importance of implementing transparency principles to prevent fraudulent activities.PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVE OF THE TRAINING:The assignment has a multiple purpose:ensure that NSOs’ staff and BOD fully understands the legal framework in which they operate, particularly in relation to penal law and relevant penal provisions (in other codes) in order to increase awareness about their duties and responsibilities and possible consequences in case they breach/contribute to breach the law;ensure that NSOs’ staff and BOD fully understands the importance of law enforcement in order to properly prevent, detect and solve crimes either in the village banks (VB) or in the NSO;increase NSO’s staff and BOD awareness about transparency obligations and its implications.  CONTENTS and METHODOLOGY:The training shall address the following topics:Legal framework in which NSOs operates;Personal liabilities of NSO’s staff and BOD, and village back committee (VBC);Types of crimes that all actors have to be aware of when working or being active either in the NSO or in the village banks (for instance: falsification of bookkeeping/accounting, falsification of loan application and approval, all crimes against property, Tax Laws and Law on Social Security Fund, etc.);Law/s breached, particularly against the Penal Code and relevant penal provisions in other codes/laws;Penal procedures;Authorities to be involved and necessary steps to be taken by VBC, NSO staff and management as well as BoD;The methodology used in the training should be as much practical as possible:the training must be based on concrete examples, meaning concrete case studies have to form the base for explanation and learning process.Relevant legal texts and extracts must be available during the training (trainer has to bring them)DELIVERABLES:Design and facilitate 2-to-3-days training for each NSO (total of 7 NSOs). The exact number of participants varies by the size of the institution (language of the training is Lao);Design a booklet in Lao and English that can be used as guideline where the concrete cases and regulations of the training are summarized;Provide all the materials first in English and then in Lao at least 2 weeks in advance thus LMFA has the possibility to comment and requests for reasonable changes;Prepare a test to assess the knowledge gained by the participants (test specification will be agreed later);The consultant will be expected to coordinate the administration and implementation of the training.TIMETABLE:The preparation of the training and the materials should not be over 8 weeks in order to start as soon as possible in 2021 and be able to complete the trainings within April 2021;The training will take place in each single NSO (tot. 7). However, depending on the size of two big NSOs an additional split is probably necessary (tot.9);The training must be organised during the last week of the month for technical reasons, but it might be feasible to combine some NSOs in the same week;The training is expected to be 2 days but can be extended to 3 days depending on the materials and structure.QUALIFICATIONS:The consultant/consultancy company must be registered with Lao Bar Association (LBA);The consultant/consultancy company must have at least five years of relevant and diversified professional experience either with financial institution and/or donor funded projects;The consultant/consultancy company must employ adequate staff with appropriate professional qualifications and suitable experience;Curriculum vitae (CVs) of key personnel proposed as part of the consulting team should be provided. CVs should include details on relevant experiences.PAYMENT:First payment after submission of training materials and booklet (up to 40%)Second payment after trainingHOW TO SUBMIT THE PROPOSAL:Structure a detailed proposal addressing all the above-mentioned points;In the financial part of the proposal, please provide estimates of daily rates of trainer and potential assistants, travel expenses, documentations expense, any other related expense. NOTE: Please, in the financial part of the proposal provide details of the daily consultant rate and estimation of travel expenses for training locations: Luang Namtha, Hongsa, Khop, Sepon-SVK, Soukhouma-Champasak, Salavan, Attapeu.Interested candidates must submit the proposal NOT LATER THAN 11 DECEMBER 2020 to:Vansana Insal, Financial Literacy AdvisorM: +856 20 56454945E: vansana.insal@giz.de and cc to savana@laomfa.org
Contact Name : N/A
Email : phayvanh@laomfa.org
Telephone : (+856-21) 226 018; +85630 948 1265
Website : www.laomfa.org
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