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  • Site Administrator (Phubia) JOB VACANCY Boartlongyear delivers one of the most effective drilling solutions available in Asia and to customers around the world. Boartlongyear was one of the first companies established in Laos providing mineral resource drilling and has been doing so since 1993. Boartlongyear currently operates up to 30 drilling rigs in a variety of locations, while supporting in excess of 400 employees. We are seeking for the fulltime and permanent candidate in position of1. Site Administrator (Phubia) :Key Responsibilities: Providing effective administrative assistant to the internal/ external operation and management team.Organizing and booking of all travel booking for domestic & international as require for the operational and management team.Assisting or managing site expenses/ payment records and invoices, then report to accounting/ financial section.Responsible for all accurate drilling reports and keep in good condition of high level housekeeping; and report to accounting/ financial section enable issuing invoices.Effective and Professional Communication and liaison with client, other companies and Group Administrative within BLY Indochina.Building and maintain strong working relationships with all personnel and other Administrations within BLY Indochina as well as the client.Keep stock of the stationery and usage grossly.Qualification: Working experience in administrationUniversity degree in Business Administration or relevant fieldsExcellent written and oral communication skills both English and LaoBe able to use Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Outlook and other requirement.Exceptional in professional communication and negotiation skillsThe application should consist of a cover letter stating clearly the candidate’s qualification to the position, a resume and a photo.To apply, email to: recruitmentlaos@boartlongyear.com Or submit hard copy to the address below:HR Supervisor– IndochinaBoart Longyear Ltd. No 135, Unit 15, Ban Phonthan Neua, Saysetha District,Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R, P.O.Box 6681 Tel . 021 412105Before 30th April 2019No 135, Unit 15, Ban Phonthan Neua, Saysetha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R, P.O.Box 6681Dir: +856 21 412105, 415981, 454230, 454231 Fax: +856 21 414777Email:Info_Vientiane@boartlongyear.com www.boartlongyear.com
Contact Name : N/A
Email : recruitmentlaos@boartlongyear.com
Telephone : 021 266100
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