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  • Fish Monitoring Specialist (An Individual Consultant) Position:    Fish Monitoring Specialist (An Individual Consultant)Duty Description: The requirement for a Fish and Fisheries Monitoring Program has been discussed on a number of occasions. Some earlier mentioning includes:Environmental flow requirements Report, 2017-06-13, p. 12: Aquatic life, and mainly fish: the biological situation of the river downstream of the dam, and mainly fish fauna and fisheries, will have to be monitored. It is therefore important that the fish and fisheries monitoring program will start soon.Reservoir Monitoring and Management Plan 17-10-02: A fish stock monitoring program will have to be developed and implemented, which will show if and to what extent fish will be able to use these parts of the reservoir, what the resulting fish yield would be, and what kind of additional measures might be required for optimising the situation. This program will have to be prepared and implemented in close cooperation with the relevant authorities, namely, the Department of Livestock and Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the corresponding local or provincial bodies.EIA 2015, p. V:Reservoir fish and fisheries management and monitoring program can ensure the sustainability of fish biodiversity and the annual reservoir fish yield;A water quality monitoring program has to provide basic data about the physical and chemical conditions of the reservoir water and downstream water body;Fish and fisheries monitoring need to be planned, implemented and carried out. Such a monitoring program should start before the construction of NT1 is beginning, and be continued throughout its construction period and at least a number of years into the operation phase of NT1;Responsibilities:This consultant will be able to:identify NT1 impacts on fish in the affected part of Nam Kading, which include:Species: list of species present in the part of the river monitored.Frequency: information on abundance of the species.Important parts of habitat: mainly spawning areas.Term of References: Methods and ImplementationThis work will have to be done by an experienced fish expert. The following will be the main requirements:Using gear that allows to detect all species (small as well as large ones).Collecting information from local fishermen (on species caught), but this will not be sufficient. Correct identification of species is important, just the locally used vernacular names might not be sufficient.Relevant seasons must be sampled; for the expert to decide what is relevant. This must include at least one mission in the dry and one in the rainy season.All parts of the river stretch identified (see 2.2.4 and 2.2.5) to be covered.All fish caught have to be individually examined (species, length, weight, age class, reproductive status).Downstream AreaThe monitoring needs to be done in the areas downstream of the dam. Tentatively, 4 points will have to be determined where the sampling will take place. The uppermost should not be closer than about 1 km downstream from the dam (outside the direct influence from the construction site), the lowermost at least 1 km upstream from the confluence with the Mekong. For identification of potentially important parts of the habitat, the entire stretch of the river will have to be checked.Upstream AreaThe stretch of the river that can be reached from the existing villages shall be checked. Tentatively 4 points, the uppermost somewhat upstream from Meung Muan (i.e. above FSL of the reservoir, 292 m asl); this station will have to be maintained after impoundment. The other 3 to be located in the area of the future reservoir.ReservoirAfter impoundment, the monitoring will have to continue. Monitoring in the reservoir will be done at least twice a year. It will cover the one point above the reservoir, and the 3 points previously chosen which after impoundment will be submerged when the reservoir is full and probably in the drawdown area when the reservoir is at or near MOL. In addition to that, one or two points in the deep part of the reservoir will have to be added (points that can be reached from the dam site, exact location to be determined.Duration:The contract period is three years (2019 – 2020) and extendable during the operation period of the project. The consultant will need to carry out the fish monitoring only 2 times per year (one time during the dry season and another one during the wet season).                                                                                                       Interested individual consultants should directly submit the proposal to email: purchasing@nt1pc.com no later than 17:00 pm, 24 December 2018. Only shortlist will be contacted for interview.                                        For more information please contact Mr. Vonesavanh Sinsavang, Telephone: 021-550775; Ext No: 2310____________________________________________________________________________________________Nam Theun 1 Power Co., Ltd.  Unit 15, Sithong Road, Pakthang Village, Sikhottabong District, PO. Box 1808, Vientiane, Lao PDR. Telephone: 021-550772-5 Facsimile: 021-550 771, Email: info@nt1pc.com; Website: www.nt1pc.com
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