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  • Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID)/ Livelihood Coordinator Job DescriptionCommunity Based Inclusive Development (CBID)/ Livelihood CoordinatorUSAID Okard ActivityBackgroundWorld Education (WE) has been operational in the Lao PDR since 1992. WE have worked in a number of sectors (agriculture, education, health, microfinance, and repatriation) over the past 25 years. Projects are currently focused on: Education, Health, Mine Action and Economic Development with disability and gender as cross cutting issues. Mine Action: addressing the needs of unexploded ordnance (UXO) accident survivors and their families;Education: coordinating a UXO education and awareness program in primary schools in the 49 districts of eleven provinces which are most heavily impacted by UXO;Health: implementing an integrated disability inclusion project with multiple partners; providing training in First Aid to Village Health Volunteers; andEconomic Development: establishing a Women’s Entrepreneurial Centre in Vientiane.  In implementing these activities, World Education works in partnership with relevant Government of Lao PDR agencies including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, National Regulatory Authority and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To learn more visit us at www.worlded.org or www.laos.worlded.orgThe USAID Okard (ໂອກາດ) Activity is a 5-year project (October 2017 – September 2022) managed and implemented by World Education that intends to improve and sustain the independent living and functional ability of persons with disabilities, regardless of factors such as age, sex, gender expression, ethnic origin, or indigenous status, and their households in Lao PDR. It will be implemented in three target provinces – Vientiane Capital, Xieng Khouang and Savannakhet.The Activity will utilize a two-tiered program approach that integrates the systems and individual level interventions under the program’s three components of Health (Component 1), Economic Empowerment (Component 2), and Stakeholder Engagement (Component 3). The Economic Empowerment/ Livelihood component aims to increase the number of persons with disability who are employed or self employed by increasing their access to technical and vocational skills and income generation activity (IGA) opportunities by engaging with stakeholders such as vocational training providers, private businesses and employers. The three main areas of intervention for Economic Empowerment under USAID Okard are 1) Adapted Graduation Model (AGM), 2) Assets To Enterprise Coaching (ATEC), and 3) Skills and Formal Employment (SFE). AGM and ATEC interventions will be only in the CBID demonstration models in XHK and SVK, but SFE will be in all three provinces.The CBID approach specifically focuses on engaging the entire community and society to understand and interacttogether to address the barriers for persons with disabilities to function optimally and participate fully insociety. Using the CBID approach, USAID Okard will implement innovative and effectiveinterventions that directly address the health, livelihoods, and social needs of persons with disabilities, witha focus on individuals, families, and communities through case management and community mobilization.World Education will supervise the CBID demonstration model with QLA in Xieng Khouang, and Humanity & Inclusion will supervise ARMI in Savannakhet.Job DescriptionThe CBID/ Livelihood Coordinator would be responsible for:1.    Collaborating with the USAID Okard Technical Management Committee (TMC) to design, plan and develop the CBID methodology, tools and other resources in preparation for the CBID demonstration model implementation:Collect and analyze dataon Kham district in Xieng Khouang Province and Xayphouthong District in Savannakhet Province, in coordination with the HI CBID manager and other members of the technical teamWork with the CBID TMC to develop, finalize and review translation of CBID materials related to the CBID case management process, including CBID baseline, modular tool, action plans, interventions (including BCC materials), continuous monitoring, and endline.Coordinate the procurement of CBID equipment and materials e.g. tablets, motorbikes for sub-recipients in Xieng Khouang with the WEL finance team (and where required with HI logistics).2.    Collaborating with the Sub Grants Coordinator to support sub-recipients to design and write the sub-grant proposal for the CBID demonstration model:Support the TMC to develop and review translation of information on the CBID package to communicate with sub-recipientsIdentify, mobilize resources, and organize workshops/meetings with the sub-grants coordinator, (and when appropriate HI CBID manager) with sub-recipients to design and write sub-grant proposals.3.    Working in collaboration with the Training Capacity Building Coordinator to build the capacity sub-recipients to implement the CBID demonstration model:Work with the TMCand the training capacity building coordinator, to develop theCBIDtrainingpackage forCBID facilitators, IGA officers and CBID team leaders to implement the case management steps.Identify, mobilize resources, organize, and implement relevant trainings and coaching/mentoring for sub-recipients.Work closely and regularly with the CBID Focal Person to ensure CBID staff are provided appropriate coaching and on-the job training as requiredOrganize CBID coordination meetings with the HI CBID manager and other relevant staff to help promote sharing of ideas, tools and consolidate forms and good practices.Work with the Gender and Inclusion officer to support the implementation of training activities related to the USAID Gender and Inclusive Development Action Plan (GIDAP).4.    Overseeing the overall quality and consistent implementation and monitoring of the USAID Okard CBID Demonstration Model in Xieng Khouang and Savannakhet Province:Travel to Xieng Khouang and Savannakhet Provinces to monitor sub-recipient’s implementation of the CBID demonstration model on a regular basis in close collaboration with the HI CBID manager, and USAID Okard CBID Focal Person, MEL team and Sub-grants coordinator.Work collaboratively with sub-recipients and the HI CBID manager to ensure harmonization, consistency and quality of the approach, methodology and tools used for the CBID demonstration modelacross the two target provinces.Provide information on the implementation of the CBID demonstration model on a regular basis to the CoP, project manager and STAs and when required.Provide reports and contribute to the Technical Management Committee meetings on the activities, outputs and outcomes of the CBID demonstration model, including analysis of challenges, successes, and lessons learned with recommendations.Support the organization of coordination meetings with key stakeholders related to USAID Okard CBID demonstration model, including sub-recipients, government partners, USAID Okard committees, and other relevant stakeholders.Support the MEL team and CBID Focal Person to build the capacity of sub-recipients to provide quality data in quarterly reports.Support the BCC team to collect photos and case studies (qualitative evidence of change) from the CBID beneficiaries and to implement and monitor the BCC strategy in the two CBID districts5.    Overseeing the preparation and implementation of the economic empowerment/ livelihood component of the USAID Okard Activity:Work with the Economic Empowerment consultant and TMC to develop, finalize and review translation of the approach and materials related to the economic empowerment component (AGM, ATEC, SFE) – guidelines, schedules, tools, consent forms etc.Work with the TMC and the training capacity building coordinator, to develop the training package for LDPA (SFE only), CBID facilitators, IGA officers and CBID team leaders to implement the three economic empowerment interventions – AGM, ATEC and SFE.Ensure CBID and LDPA staff are provided appropriate coaching and on-the job training as required to implement quality economic empowerment/ livelihood activitiesCoordinate the implementation of actions from the USAID Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (EMMP), including Environmental review checklists, mitigation measures and monitoring effectiveness for CBID IGA interventions, and collate data, analyze and provide reports to the Project Manager semi- annually.Ensure a consistent and quality implementation of the three economic empowerment interventions of USAID Okard (AGM, ATEC, SFE)Work with the HI CBID manager to liaise with staff and teachers of TVET to develop and implement more inclusive vocational educationWork with LDPA and HI to engage the private sector to better integrate people with disabilities into existing channels of employmentSupport the MEL team to ensure data for all indicators relating to the economic empowerment component of the Activity is collected in a timely and quality mannerDirect reports: CBID Focal Point (XHK)Reports to: Chief of Party (CoP)Liaises directly with: Senior Technical Advisor, USAID Okard, Project Manager, USAID Okard, HI CBID manager, CBID Sub-recipients- QLA and ARMILocation: Vientiane capital (Laos) with travel to Xieng Khouang and Savannakhet provinces Competencies/ QualificationsRequired Skills/ Experience:A Bachelor in public health, social sciences, development, economics, social work or a related field;A minimum of 5 years of professional experience;Experience implementing and/or managing economic empowerment / livelihood activities (i.e.vocational training; IGA; formal employment) and/ or community development projects;Strong oral and written communication skills in both English and Lao;Good interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively in a team;Team player who takes initiative, is a problem-solver and able to multi-task;Strong attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines;Able to travel to project sites and partner offices for monitoring and training visits;Able to follow instructions and systems;Able to multi-task and manage their schedule independently;Basic computer literacy and experience using computers and/or smartphone/tabletAdditional desirable skills/ experience:Experience working on other disability and inclusion/ CBID/ UXO focused projects preferred;Experience working on/ monitoring USAID or other US government funded projects an advantage;Professional experience implementing field work and/or case management and/or working with people with disabilitiesApplication Details:World Education offers a competitive salary and benefit package including employee and family health insurance, end of year bonus, severance benefits and career development opportunities.World Education is an equal opportunity employer and encourages the applications of women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.Applicants should submit a current CV and letter of interest detailing their relevant experience to:World Education, Ban Phiawat, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital (PO Box 6782)Tel: 214 524, 222 439; Fax: 217553; E-mail: bounxeuy_chanthathong@la.worlded.org  Application deadline is November 12, 2018Start date: November 2018 
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Email : bounxeuy_chanthathong@la.worlded.org
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