Lao-Oxford-Mahosot Hospital-Wellcome Trust-Research Unit (LOMWRU)

Lao-Oxford-Mahosot Hospital-Wellcome Trust-Research Unit (LOMWRU)

Mahosot Hospital Phiawat Chanthabouly

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  • Medical Education Researcher JOB DESCRIPTIONPositionMedical Education ResearcherLocationVientiane, Laos PDRBackground The Lao Intensive Care Education project is a research project which aims to develop and evaluate a five-day intensive care training course designed to meet the needs of doctors and nurses caring for critically ill patients in Laos.  The training course will delivered in Lao language by Lao doctors and nurses, building local expertise in a sustainable fashion. The project is a collaboration between the Lao Society of Critical Care Medicine and the University of Oxford.The project has ethical approval from the Laos National Ethics Committee for Health Research and has been running for 18 months already.Job SummaryWe are looking for an enthusiastic, committed medical graduate to join this exciting research project. Previous research experience is not necessary. This would be an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to gain research experience and to learn more about medical education.Key Responsibilities and Tasks The employee will help to design and develop educational material for the intensive care training course. This will include translation of training materials from English into Lao language.The employee will carry out mixed methods data collection on the intensive care units of two Vientiane hospitals. This will involve conducting interviews, reviewing  medical documents and carrying out observations on ICU. Data collection will be carried out in collaboration with the principle investigator, Dr. Rebecca Inglis.The employee will carry out data processing duties which will include transcribing and translating the audio recordings and producing field notes. They will also translate study documents as required.Other remarks or requirements important to this position:1)      This position is a full time job. The employee will be expected to work an average of 40 hours a week.2)      This position requires a high level of spoken and written English, with an ability to translate from Lao language into English and vice versa.3)      The employee will need to complete Good Clinical Practice training.Salary:The monthly salary will be 877 US dollars. The salary is non-negotiable.Start date:Immediately.End date:31st January 2020Further information:For further information please contact Dr. Rebecca Inglis by e-mail: rebecca.inglis@gmail.com.
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Email : LOMWRU_Personnel@tropmedres.ac
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