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  • nurse Job VacancyPosition: 1 nurseInstitution: Lao Friends Hospital for Children Location: Luang Prabang, LaosReport to: Director of NursingApplication closing date: 14/05/2021Primary Responsibilities/ໜ້າທີ່ພື້ນຖານ: Evaluating and caring for infants and children in both outpatient and inpatient settings/ປະເມີນ ແລະ ຮັກສາເດັກແດງ ແລະ ເດັກໃຫ່ຍທັງຂະແໜງພາຍໃນ ແລະ ພາຍນອກ.Recording the details of the patient visit in the electronic medical records system/ເກັບກຳຂໍ້ມູນການເຂົ້າມາຮັກສາຂອງຜູ້ປ່ວຍໃສ່ຖານຂໍ້ມູນ (EMR) Liaising with other Nurse and non-Nurse staff in the hospital to ensure comprehensive and high quality care/ປະສານງານກັບທີມພະຍາບານ ແລະ ທີມທີ່ບໍ່ເປັນພະຍາບານໃນໂຮງໝໍເພື່ອເຮັດໃຫ້ມີຄວາມໝັ້ນໃຈໃນການຮັກ ສາທີ່ຄວບຄຸມ ແລະ ມີຄຸນນະພາບສູງ. Promoting health education and prevention with patients and their families/ນຳສະເໜີກ່ຽວກັບຄວາມຮູ້ດ້ານສຸຂະພາບ ແລະ ການປ້ອງກັນກັບເດັກນ້ອຍ ແລະ ຄອບຄົວຂອງເດັກ.Participating in continuing medical education by regular attendance at Ward Rounds, Case Presentations, Audits, etc/ ສືບຕໍ່ໃນການມີສ່ວນຮ່ວມກ່ຽວກັບຄວາມຮູ້ດ້ານການຮັກສາໂດຍການເຂົ້າຮ່ວມປະຊຸມໃຫ່ຍ, ນຳສະເໜີກໍລະນີຂອງຜູ້ປ່ວຍ, ກວດສອບ ແລະ ອື່ນໆ...Regular attendance at staff meetings/ເຂົ້າຮ່ວມປະຊຸມເປັນປະຈຳຂອງກອງປະຊຸມພະນັກງານ.Requirements/ຄຸນວຸດທິທີ່ຕ້ອງການQualified Nurse/ຮຽນຈົບພະຍາບານBasic English language skills/ໄດ້ພາສາອັງກິດພື້ນຖານຈະເປັນການດີຫຼາຍUnderstand LFHC's value of providing “Compassionate Care”/ເຂົ້າໃຈເຖິງຄຸນຄ່າຂອງຄຳວ່າ: ໃສ່ໃຈ, ເອົາໃຈໃສ່ Positive attitude to team work/ມີທັດສະນະຄະຕິໃນທາງບວກກັບທີມງານWilling to work shift work/ສາມາດເຮັດວຽກເປັນຝ່ຽນໄດ້Benefit: Salary, health insurance, 15 days of annual leaves and 10 days of public holidays How to apply for this position/ ວິທີສະໝັກ:Please send your cover letter and CV to: hr@fwablaos.org or contact 020 93384410 for more info.REMARK: Only short-list candidate will be contacted for interview.
  • Director of Development/Public Relations Position Description: Director of Development/Public RelationsStatus: Full timeLocation: Luang Prabang, Laos, with travels within and outside of LaosReports Jointly to: Executive Director, Friends Without A Border (FWAB), New York City Executive Director, Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC), Luang PrabangStarting Date: May 2021Position Summary:The Director of Development and Public relations will be responsible for the implementation of agreed-upon marketing plans and strategies designed to generate income and goodwill for LFHC. They will work very closely with the parent organization, Friends Without A Border, particularly with the development of the potential and existing Southeast Asia donor base. He/she will manage the hospitals key relationships with external organizations, businesses, benefactors and the general public. In addition, he/she will organize key fundraising events and be involved in the finding, preparation and submission of grant applications and reports. He/she will be responsible for the hospital communications, image and new funding identification in line with the overall goals of LFHC and FWAB.Specific Duties:Support strategies designed to generate income and goodwill for LFHC. This may include travel within Laos and Southeast Asia.Manage LFHC’s key external relationships. This includes, but is not restricted to, relationships with non- government organizations, businesses, donors and benefactors, as well as the general public. As these relationships are of utmost importance to LFHC, this will be done cooperatively with FWAB in a diligent, tactful and personable manner.Organize, publicize and assist with the conduct of significant hospital events. This includes events such anniversary celebrations, the Luang Prabang Half Marathon, the Luang Prabang gala, concerts, and other fundraising events. This may also include events throughout Laos as well as throughout Asia.Share information and communication materials with LFHC, FWAB Japan and FWAB New York in order to ensure that fundraising activities and specific events have the necessary hospital support to be led efficiently.Act as the primary liaison between LFHC and the FWAB New York regarding marketing and event administration which includes helping to facilitate visits to Luang Prabang and interactions with LFHC staff.In collaboration with the Friends Gallery manager, FWAB and partner marketing company, identify and conduct activities to raise the profile of LFHC locally, nationally and internationally. This may include the use of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), local fundraising, supporting international fundraisers and local community events.Identify funding opportunities from donors and grants and assist with the preparation of grant applications and project propositions.Generate hospital activity reports and narrative for FWAB, specific donors/projects and grant purpose as required.Qualifications:Essential - 1) A university degree to bachelor level in marketing, international relations, public relations, communications or a related field.2) Experience in marketing and business development.3) Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.Demonstrated ability to work effectively within a small team.Word processing and spreadsheet skills.Highly desirable - 1) Prior work in a developing country, ideally in a health-related field.Experience writing grant proposals.Experience in communications and social media.Experience with event management.Application and Inquiries:Please send CV with a cover letter to hr@fwablaos.orgOnly short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviewing.
Email : hr@fwablaos.org
Telephone : 071 254 247
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