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USAID Clean Power Asia by Abt Associates Inc.

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  • Consultant Technical Specialist – Laos Consultant Scope of WorkTechnical Specialist – LaosAbt Associates Thailand / USAID Clean Power AsiaOverviewAbt Associates, a global leader in technical assistance, program implementation and international development, seeks qualified individual consultants to provide services for the USAID Clean Power Asia program. Specifically, Abt seeks individuals currently based in Laos, to serve as a short-term, part-time consultant to serve as Technical Specialist – Laos.The purpose of USAID Clean Power Asia is to accelerate the regional transition to high performing, low carbon power sector. The Activity will assist the governments of the Lower Mekong and other developing countries in Asia in energy planning and help establish effective policy, regulatory, and technical environment for low-emissions growth in the power sector, while simultaneously attracting public- and private-sector investment in Renewable Energy (RE) development. USAID Clean Power Asia focuses on the following resources: solar, wind, small hydro (<15 MW), and biomass residues. The program focuses on the four Lower Mekong countries of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, and includes activities on the ASEAN regional level.This consultancy is available immediately and requires one consultant with skill specialization to perform the acitivities indicated in the scope below. The Technical Specialist is expected to carry out their work in Vientiane, Laos, under the supervision of the Bangkok-based RE Policy Expert, and the COP/DCOP or their designee, and in coordination with Laos country coordinator and program staff in Bangkok. The Technical Specialist must be eligible to work in the Laos without sponsorship; and will not be paid allowances or relocation.LocationThe Technical Specialist will carry out the majority of planned work in Vientiane, Laos.ScopeUnder the guidance of the RE Policy Expert and/or Chief of Party/Deputy Chief of Party of the USAID Clean Power Asia program, the Technical Specialist will be responsible to, proactively and upon request, provide information on activities related to USAID Clean Power Asia in Laos as well as any energy-related updates (policy, regulation, directive, announcement, memo, etc.) from the government of Laos and private sector. The Technical Specialist will coordinate closely with the Laos country coordinator to i) actively engage stakeholders in country—including government, utilities, and international organization counterparts and ii) report regularly to program management on developments related to the following activities: Task 1: RE Planning Integrated Resource and Resilience Planning Implementing the Power Sector Resilience Action Plan Implementation of Renewable Energy Zones Task 2: Policy and regulation Solar pilot auction design, approval and implementation RE technical regulations Task 3: Investment Support private sector RE project development and investment mobilization linked to the auction Cross-cutting Help organize either a virtual or in-person regional workshop on electric vehicles, linked to NREL’s assistance in Laos on charging infrastructure and JICA’s work on EV technical potential The role of the Technical Specialist is to support both USAID Clean Power Asia staff, the Laos country coordinator, and government counterparts to complete the technical tasks mentioned above. Activities include assisting government counterparts to draft documents, letters, memos, reports, etc. in Lao Language as well as translating the documents from Lao to English language and vice versa. Other activities required will vary and may include logistics (collaborating with the Bangkok office on setting up and arranging conference calls, meeting venues, invitations, lodging/accommodation, ground transportation, etc.) as well as scheduling of meetings with government and private sector counterparts in Vientiane. Certain activities may require travel to locations outside of Vientiane individually or as part of the group with government staff.The Technical Specialist is required to have an understanding of renewable energy technologies as well as strong stakeholder relations expertise to ensure continued support for government counterparts throughout this implementation of these tasks. The Technical Specialist is required to work with the Laos country coordinator and with the following government counterparts: Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and its departments: Department of Energy Policy and Planning (DEPP), Institute of Renewable Energy Promotion (IREP), Electricite du Laos (EDL), Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), particularly the One Stop Service Office (OSSO), and Ministry of Finance (MOF). Constant communication and coordination with the Laos country coordinator is a must, especially when contacting or engaging any government staff and USAID Laos.Specific activities may include:Task 1: RE Planning Support Task 1 to collect and share data/information with counterparts such as DEPP, EDL and EDL-Gen on Task 1 activities Support Task 1 on analyzing information and preparing summaries/memos/presentations on Task 1 activities Support Laos country coordinator to liaise with government and related agencies on a technical issues Support Task 1 and Laos country coordinator to prepare meetings/workshops/webinars with DEPP and related organizations, and summarize the events as minutes or memos documenting the event proceedings and outcomesTask 2: RE Policy and Regulations Support Laos country coordinator to prepare documents for Institute of Renewable Energy Promotion (IREP) regarding solar pilot auction and RE technical regulations As requested by USAID Clean Power Asia, Laos country coordinator, and/or relevant government counterparts, prepare translation of documents from Lao to English language and vice versa Support Laos country coordinator with liaising and follow up activities with relevant government counterparts to advance the progress of the work on the solar pilot auction and RE technical regulationsTask 3: Investment Mobilization Collect data for power project development in Laos focusing on solar, wind, and hydropower Support the organization of meetings with RE project developers in LaosTask 4: Cross-cutting: Support Laos country coordinator in setting virtual or in-person meetings with NREL and/or Abt Associates to support TA, CB and a regional workshop (virtual or in person) on EVs Organize and participate in meetings (virtual and in-person) on other related topicsOther non-task specific activities: Support USAID Clean Power Asia staff in research and preparation of reports and presenting materials related to Lao RE sector, including RE procurement and electric vehicles Assist technical staff, other consultants, staff/representatives of program subcontractors and counterparts from USAID and Government of Laos, briefing them before meetings, accompanying them to meetings, keeping notes of meetings, and planning follow-up Organize and manage operations and administration, in close coordination with the Bangkok-based technical staff and Vientiane-based Laos country coordinator, of meetings, training event and workshops Research and liaise with government and partner counterparts to negotiate and collect vital data for analysis Provide and assist with protocols and culturally appropriate methods for designated tasks Establish, manage and maintain relationships with relevant national and local governments and international organization counterparts in close coordination with Laos country coordinator Produce written material for reports Perform other duties as assignedLevel of Effort Full-time support during the workshops, site-meetings and virtual workshops in Laos with or without USAID Clean Power Asia team present on-site. Part-time assistance with data gathering, coordination, researching and providing recommendations. Participate in bi-weekly technical conference call including any requested conference call from USAID Clean Power Asia team. Provide monthly updates on the activities conducted and progress of USAID Clean Power Asia tasks in Laos.Deliverables Trip reports following expert or staff travel from Bangkok to Laos, within one week of trip completion. Summaries of meetings or workshops provided within 1 week of event/activity completion in designated format. Monthly reports on activities conducted.
Contact Name : Supachai Sotnyota
Email : recruitment@usaidcleanpowerasia.com
Telephone : +66 2 0263065
Website : http://usaidcleanpowerasia.aseanenergy.org/
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