Appen Butler Hill, Inc.

Appen Butler Hill, Inc.

12131 113th Ave NE Suite #100, Kirkland, WA, Seattle 98034-6944

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  • Work from Home Lao Internet Analyst This position is restricted to current residents of Laos.Appen is looking for highly educated individuals for an exciting work from home opportunity. Applicants must be self-motivated and internet savvy. As a search engine evaluator, you may participate in a number of different evaluation projects, including web search, video evaluation, maps, local, automation projects, etc.Search Engine Evaluators will need to combine a passion for analysis with an understanding of various online research tools. Applicants must be detail oriented and have a broad range of interests.Search Engine/Social Media Evaluators provide feedback and evaluation of various data sets, often by measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to predefined queries, by providing comparative analysis of sets of results and various other techniques.Transcription will involve listening/watching audio/video recordings of data and typing it down. The transcription opportunity is perfect for those who have skills in type writing and are accurate and keen to details.Translation will involve translating a one language to another as accurate as possible. This opportunity helps us communicate better with different people around the globe.One-off Tasks simple tasks involving speech recording, image collection, answering surveys and so much more! The time ranges from 15 minutes – 3 hours depending on the opportunity. This is a perfect opportunity you can work on together with the other long-term or one-off projectsLinguistics opportunity ranges from transcribing specific language data to to data annotation specific to your linguistic background.All candidates are required to take and pass a qualification exam before becoming a Search Engine Evaluator. 
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